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Who We Are

"We aim at continuous pursuit for excellence through quality education trapped from National and International resource."

Ever since the wheel was invented, man has undergone phenomenal changes. His mobility has been vibrant. Along the path, his constant urge for making himself comfortable was realized with every new invention. It has now reached a stage where he could become a misfit without technology. Today Murugesan Institute of Technology has bloomed into an inimitable centre of excellence. The college offers a heaven of peace and a tranquil atmosphere for the students who have the urge to learn and master. The college is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, giving students the best in terms of technology. The teaching and learning process being adopted is of a very innovative nature. Here special pedagogy programmes are offered to the inculcators to inculcate so that quality product could be delivered in the form of technocrats.


01 Mr. K.A. Murugesan B.E., MIE., MISTE., Secretary
02 Mr. K.A. Selvarajan Chairman
03 Mr. M. Maran Treasurer
04 Mr. K.S. Rajan Member of the Trust

List of Directors

A Dexterous and Ardent Secretary & Correspondent

Secretary Message

"Some are born great, some achieve greatness and other have greatness thrust upon them."

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away. Success is good fortune that comes from aspiration, perspiration and inspiration. Murugesan Institute of Technology is a centre for excellence in providing technical education in a serene and congenial environment for learning. MIT is the brainchild of the eminent and dedicated academician who has been serving for the cause of technical education since 1961 in various capacities as Lecturer, HOD and Principal in many institutions. MIT is an offshoot of the KUMARAMANGALAM ANGAMUTHU MUDALIAR EDUCATIONAL TRUST, Salem where in Mr. K.A. Murugesan is the Secretary cum Correspondent, Mr. K.A. Selvarajan, Mr. M. Maran and Mr. K.S. Rajan are the Chairman, Treasurer and Member of the trust respectively.

Mr. K.A Selvarajan

The Chairman


Mr. M. Maran

The Treasurer


Mr. K.S. Rajan

Member of the Trust


Principal Message

The 21st century possess a lot of challenges that could be overcome with the help of education and technology. The college has preserved to nurture and groom young men and women to provide a better foothold for the students of today to face the challenges.

We engineer them to engage in research activities leading to innovative applications of technology for the benefit of mankind. To enable them to become responsible citizens of the country with a willingness to serve the society. Enabling them to make better decisions at work place. Making them understand and realize their responsibilities in the environment in which they are going to operate and motivating them to strive for excellence through socially and environmentally acceptable means.

              Agile and Illustrious Captain

                        Who leads our crew

Reasons to Choose MIT

Latest Laboratories
Our campus is nestled with world class laboratories integrated with 200+ computers with high speed internet connectivity.
20+ Years of excellence in education
We are well experienced in the field of technical education for over 20+ years with highly experienced staff members.
Experienced Staffs
Eperience is a lot important for technical education, our MIT heads are well experienced for more than 55+ years of technical education.
MOU's with MNC's
MIT has signed MOU's with leading foreign companies in Malaysia for enhancing job opportunities for our students in foreign countries.
Online Education using SKU
MIT has made a contract with a America based company named SKU for delivering online education to students with the world class certification of global asset.
Get your 3 years of education fees in a single year as your salary.